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At VT Markets, we understand that getting actionable daily trade ideas, and market-moving news written by expert analysts is the best way for you to gain an extra edge during your trading journey. By partnering with one of the top market research facilities Trading Central, we are proud to provide you a daily newsletter with exclusive content that no other brokers offer you in the industry.

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VT Markets Daily Newsletter provides you a deep & reliable multi-dimensional MARKET INSIGHTS including:

Market wrap
Get the news coverage on market trending products including currencies, commodities, stocks and more from top-tier analyst teams.

What to expect today
Get insights on hot economical events within the day.

Market sentiment + Analyst views
Find out how the crowd feels about the instruments and their opinions to help you gain more trade ideas. Directional views from the global research desks of Trading Central that supported by reliable indicators.

Economic Calendar
View all relevant economic events associated to the instrument to get you prepared for upcoming market volatility.